Just A Thought About Wanderers Versus Settlers

December 10, 2015
If we try we can peacefully share bread
Hi Luv et alii,
In Canada there is an ongoing cultural war between the descendents of the people who lived, loved and died there pre 1492 and the descendents of those who have lived, loved and died there post 1492. 
There are lots of names for these two distinct groups and they all come with lots of baggage. So please allow me to try two unusual names for these groups? Wanderers and Settlers.
I am going to confine myself to talking about a very small segment of both groups. For the Settlers I will be talking about the people who lived on the north west coast of what is now Canada. For the Wanderers… basically my own ancestors. 
Since the end of the last ice age (give or take 10,000 years) a culture developed on the coast that had deep roots and great stability. It was a ‘High Culture’ with a complex interweaving of all aspects of life. Most of these people were happy to live a semi nomadic life that kept them in their home territory most of the time.
My people came from a very similar culture in Scotland that had existed for an equally long time. Then the English showed up with their army and the world changed for both my people and the people of the north west coast of what is now Canada.
My people had a simple ugly choice to make. 
Stay and be subject to English barbarism or try to find a better place to live. Those who were Settlers stayed. Those who were Wanderers left. My direct ancestors were Wanderers that ended up on the western coast of what was to them Canada.
We are still Wanderers.  The Settlers are still Settlers. We have an ongoing cultural war in Canada because of this difference. 
My brother couldn’t get the job opportunities he wanted in Vancouver so he moved to Winnipeg. My wife and I felt we would have a better life in the Philippines and here we are. One of my sisters lives in Ontario. The other in B.C..
The Settlers see things differently. They want Canada to make jobs for them where they live. They want to stay and have things changed around them rather than move to where things are better. If there isn’t a safe water supply they want one built. They want schools and hospitals built in  their communities. 
Please re-read what I just wrote. Nowhere did I write that it should be one way or the other. I simply pointed out the different realities of the two groups.
These two realities need to find a way to live together if there is to be justice, mercy, humility and peace in the land.
The Old Man 

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