Learn The Lesson Of Pearl Harbor

December 8, 2015

learn the lesson or repeat the horror

Hi Luv et alii,

On July 24, 1941 President Roosevelt froze all Japanese assets in America. Britain and the  Dutch East Indies followed his lead. 

Japan lost seventy five percent of its overseas trade and eighty-eight percent of its oil imports. Japan was left with two choices. Attack America, Britain and the Dutch East Indies in the hope of regaining the lost resources or step back into the backwaters of the world. 

Japan chose to attack.

Millions died. 

Terror bombing by the United States became the norm. Atomic weapons were used. Horrors beyond understanding were done by all sides.

The lesson that Pearl Harbor teaches is a crucial lesson for the 21st century. 

Shortage of resources such as oil are shortages that push nations into war. We either learn to share or we go to all out war once again.

Lest you doubt this lesson here is a simple challenge: 

Find me a war going on today that includes America, Russia, China, Britain, France or pretty much any Middle Eastern Country that is not about resources. You won’t find any because there aren’t any. 

As the resources shrink the wars will grow. Grow both in size and in ferocity. 

Take care, learn the lesson,
The Old Man


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