The Life And Times Of This Old Man ~ The Hot Water Heater Is A Game Changer

December 5, 2015

Add in the wind chill factor  and the temperature
 can drop to 15 C.
On a rainy windy day the water in the pipe
is even colder!
Hi Luv et alii,
Freedom comes in many shapes, colours and flavors. I never would have guessed that it came packaged as a hot water heater. I suppose I need to back up a bit?

SWMBO grew up without a hot water heater. Which means she enjoyed hot showers in Canada but when we returned to the Philippines they just dropped out of her consciousness. As for yours truly… there were always other things to spend the money on and as we are Greeners it seemed reasonable to use solar.

The trouble with solar is that without sunshine to heat the pipes the water from our mountain stream is rather cold. Global warming has changed our local weather and we now get a lot more rain and cloud than we did fifteen years ago. 

Which means our constantly aging bodies were getting a lot of cold showers. Painful feet after a cold shower is not a lot of fun. SWMBO took pity on me and we got the heater. Fast forward time.

Freedom comes from not having to try to time my showers to the ever rarer sunshine. Or even the always present cooling that comes with evening.

Now showers are enjoyable any time we have electricity and it is freedom big time. I can go to bed clean. I can leave my sweat pants and wool socks in the closet on even the coldest day. 

Gotta love that heater.

Take care, stay warm and clean,
The Old Man



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