The Life And Times Of The Old Man

December 3, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,
The gurus of blogging tell me that I should spread my letters out over the day. That way I stand a chance of intriguing more people in more time zones. When I think about it the theory is sound. 

But my body isn’t.

Right now it is second cup of coffee time and I can peck away with some dexterity. Come second pot time my pecking ability will be terrible. The brain will have ceased to function. Cotton will surround my creativity. Even playing solitaire on the computer will be a challenge.

So with all due respect to the blogging gurus I’ll just have to do things in a way that makes sense of my reality. 

So folks if you find my letters clogging your life at the same time most days…. sorry about that. 

Feel free to set yourself free. 

Take care, stay real,
The Old Man


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