Sacred Mythology Is A Teacher ~ Does It Teach About Cultural Insanity

December 3, 2015

Cultural insanity is a
game changer
(photo by SWMBO)

Hi Luv et alii,

I think it does. There are many interconnected themes found within the Jewish /Christian / Islamic sacred texts. One of them is the role of the prophet. From the first to last, including Jesus and Muhammad (may their names be blest) they told the same terrifying truth: Return or Die.

‘Humanity had forgotten the path. If humanity did not return to the path there would be a living hell on earth. Or at the very least within a single nation. 

Without a return to sanity and the path, destruction of humanity or the nation was a given. No if’s and’s or but’s.’

The Great Flood, Genesis 6:9 – 9-17 is one of the best known examples of humanity’s insanity and the destruction it caused. 

Considering the following headline found in the Washington Post today I am wondering if America has moved into Cultural Insanity?

The San Bernardino shooting is the second mass shooting today and the 355th this year’

Take care, stay safe,
The (puzzled) Old Man 


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