The Old Man Wonders If You Truly See ~ Taste~ Smell ~ Feel ~ Hear

June 26, 2015
Hi Luv et alii,
There is a way of living that is all too common in our world. It is the way of not seeing nor hearing nor tasting, nor touching, nor smelling. So many simply wander through their life without ever deeply connecting.
Here is a test to see if you are one of the many or the few. Look at the following picture; 

How long did you look at it? How much did you see? Now if you would please look again? This time really look. Do you see the clear telescoped horns? How about the reflections? How about all the different shades of green?
Now imagine how much you have missed with all of your senses every day, hour, minute, second of your life.
Take care, stay safe,


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