The Old Man Wonders When Watching Two Or More People Fornicating In A Movie Became Acceptable And Smoking Tobacco In A Movie Became Unacceptable

June 24, 2015
Hi Luv et alii,

Of late I have been watching movies made in the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The movie tonight was an early James Stewart jewel. 

It is interesting to see how main stream morality has changed over the last half century.

At one point he is tossing and turning in his sleep and his wife has to get out of her bed to go over to his bed to see what is wrong. 

Back then you could not show husband and wife sleeping together. Mind you throughout the movie men and women are smoking up a storm. Cigarettes, pipes, cigars just so long as it had tobacco there was no shame in smoking. But Lord help the film if the director wanted to show husband and wife sleeping, and I mean sleeping not making love, in the same bed.

Now you can show any combination of male / female or anywhere in-between doing pretty much anything in a bed, on the beach or in a car or anywhere else that strikes your fancy. Anything that is except for smoking tobacco.

The times have changed. I just wish that this old man believed they changed for the better.

Take care, stay safe,


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