I am such a troglodyte!

June 23, 2015
Hi Luv et alii,
I am such a troglodyte! Sixty-four years old and I have finally ordered over the Internet.
I am just having a blast as I track the order from place to place in darn near real time. My mind is boggled that my package will get here well ahead of a letter sent at the same time. Albeit at a higher cost but with so much more security.
It is supposed to arrive by the end of the week. Here’s hoping!
Take care,. stay safe,


2 comments on “I am such a troglodyte!

  1. Wow, even Rick learned how to order over the internet long ago. Once he got his Harley he learned all about E-Bay and other ways of ordering things. Just goes to show when he wants to do something he can.


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