Like I Said ~ This Old Man Has More Questions Than Answers But Soon Enough He May Also Have A New Camera

June 18, 2015
Hi Luv et alii,
The Office
The question is quickly coming into focus:
Do I go with the wisdom of my mentors or do I go with my gut when I buy the new camera?
All of the advice has been to move up to a style of camera that allows for changing the lens. Various mirrorless, DSLR, 4/3 cameras have been suggested. 
But my gut tells me to stick with a Super-zoom.
I have to agree that in many ways lens changing cameras are superior. But for my type of shooting in many ways they aren’t. 
The ways they aren’t, are to me, more important.
The smart money is betting on the Bridge. In particular the Olympus Stylus 1s.
Take care, stay safe,

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