Death ~ Life ~ Mortality ~ Honesty ~ Delusions ~ Lies ~ Peace

April 7, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

Cooper is doing better. Eating his vegetables and herbs. Still not back to eating meat and still off his peanut butter. 

But he is doing better.

Coop has reached a time in his life where he will not regain his strength, speed, agility, eyesight or hearing. 

Nevertheless he still enjoys chasing sticks and chickens, barking at the bad guys and gals, going for a walk and marking his territory. Lying in the cool soil on a hot day is still pleasant and he still hides in the bushes to watch over us. 

In short his life has changed but he still enjoys. 

He accepts his life in a way that I wish more of my two legged friends could. 

I know few humans of my age (sixty-three) who do not vehemently deny that they are old. They are ashamed of grey hair and the hairs in their ears and nostrils. 

Old age and death are not what humans tend to embrace. Rather in most cultures we hide them behind make-up and funeral parlours.

We develop rites and rituals to hide our fear of death. 

We refuse to acknowledge that we too are in the cycle of life and death. 

Refusing the truth we spend outrageous amounts of time, energy and money inventing lies and delusions to make us feel better.

Perhaps we would be better off if we simply acknowledged that we are mortal?

Take care, stay safe,



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