Who knew? Apparently A whole bunch of photographers and now we do too!

April 4, 2015,

Hi Luv et al,

I’m curious if you can see much or indeed any difference in the quality of these two shots? My mentors at CiC have been explaining to me how much JPEG files loose in the fine detail and how to avoid the losses.

One way is to use a different file system called TIFF. It is lossless but it achieves this miracle by creating a really huge file that holds all the datum. Trouble is that it takes about twice as long to upload a shot.

So until tonight I was doing my work and saving in TIFF and then switching to JPEG to upload. Not so much because of the time involved but because my blog host does not say that it accepts TIFF. But tonight I had finger malfunction and uploaded this shot as a TIFF file. Seems my blog does accept TIFF.

Apparently understanding how my blog host works is very much like understanding the Bible.

Some people read it believing that if it doesn’t say you can then you can’t. Others believe (and to each their own) that if it doesn’t say you can’t you can.

From now on you can guess which group I will stand with.

Take care one and all,



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