A peaceful solution, less pollution, and a great grandmother gets a bit of rest ~ what’s not to love about this!

April 4, 2015

Hi to one and all,
Part of our garden/temple from the roof of our cement house
SWMBO made a suggestion today and as it made some sense I thought I would give it a try. 
She has always enjoyed our correspondence and she thinks that friends and family would enjoy seeing how we strangers in a strange land get along. 
Just to keep things simple I’m going to continue writing as if these letters were my (rated G for good and wholesome) Journal shared only with the long suffering love of my life ‘SWMBO’. 
And here we go!
Just a short note this time luv. I think we hit on a peaceful solution to our smoke problem that’s a win ~ win ~ winner this time. 
By offering our gardener to clean up the church yard… P. gets some much needed rest, we get compost, our gardener’s reputation gets a boost in the local community and we don’t get our lungs burnt out by all the smoke we were suffering from the weekly burning of leaves and stuff. 
Everyone is a winner and no one gets hurt. I like it.
More tomorrow luv, 
Take care,


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