Lucy Goosy, laying, gossling, fried eggs

The Reasons

Before I get to the reasons allow me to make a suggestion. If you love full sized images then please explore Some of the Best, Shot of the Week and All Projects.

You will find yourself on pages with the best of my best. If you are also interested in some of my thoughts then click on the blog link. Same shots but at a smaller size and some of my thoughts thrown in for free.

gardenia,thoughts, shots,reasons

You, of course, will be the ones to decide if my thoughts are as good as my shots.

In the previous century I was a pastor in training in a small village on the north coast of B.C. Canada. One day the youth rep from the nearest city dropped off a church worker from the Philippines.

She was visiting Canada to see how we did things. We ended up married and living in the Philippines.

She got her doctoral in Peace and Development and I slowed down due to health problems.

For going on fifteen years we have worked on creating a garden that would help me to stay and pray and help She Who Must Be Obeyed to relax after work.

About three years ago Myra bought me a digital camera. I enjoyed it and I got pretty good with it. Give or take a year ago I bought another camera. I don’t get out much but there is a never ending supply of beauty in our garden to explore with the camera.

I was on a different blogging service. Over time it became dated.

Now you know why this site is up and running.

Hopefully you will enjoy the shots and thoughts.

The Old Man

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